Element 8: A Catalyst for Change

What if your smarts, your time, and your dollars could be invested in both the pursuit of profits and the pursuit of a higher purpose – to create a cleaner, more sustainable planet?

Members of Element 8, formerly known as the Northwest Energy Angels, are committed to advancing clean technologies by investing in highly promising, early-stage companies all across North America.

The innovations we support are as varied as the entrepreneurs who champion them.

And Element 8 seeks kindred spirits who share our passion.

How Can I Help?

Are you an investor who knows that innovative solutions will come from a wide, and sometimes unexpected, range of sources?  Are you excited to learn about game-changing ideas, new twists on old ones, or transformative ways to redesign ‘business as usual’?   Are you willing to accept the risks commensurate with early-stage companies – as well as share in the excitement and the many potential rewards?

We encourage you to join us!

Are you an early-stage company whose product or service has the potential to profitably advance our mission?  Are you committed to the efficient and socially responsible use of the planet’s finite resources?  Do you need help taking your ground-breaking idea to the next level, and are looking for a funding partner who can offer strategic guidance, mentorship, and access to its greater network?

We encourage you to apply to us!

Are you an organization which wants to promote the growth of the cleantech sector?  Do you want access to the latest technology advances, and to hear and present the latest trends?  Do you seek to develop your network of thought leaders and other business and community cohorts?

We encourage you to consider sponsoring us!

And we encourage everyone to spread the word about Element 8.

Together – leveraging our collective expertise – we can accelerate the transition to a cleaner future and a better world.




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Our Investments Keep Growing

In 2015, 17 companies across the country turned to Element 8 for the capital, connections, and counsel needed to accelerate company growth and solve big environmental challenges.

Our members invested nearly $3.3M through individual investments and our Fund.

In the first half of 2016, our members have already funded 6 new portfolio companies, and provided follow-on funding for 4 more.

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April 27, 2017

April Member Meeting
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