Credit Suisse Director of Clean Technology Addresses NWEA

Northwest Energy Angels was pleased to welcome Jeremy Hux, Head of Clean Technology at Credit Suisse, to our May Member Lunch. Hux delivered an enthralling and detailed keynote address followed by a lively Q&A session. Instead of attempting to relay all the details of his talk, we will furnish our readers with a few highlights.

The clean tech sector as a whole has underperformed, with the exception of Tesla and Solar City. Tesla specifically has done well with thBlog - Credit Suisseeir IP and power trill. Solar City’s innovative financing model places it above the competition.

In general, clean tech needs more interest from public markets. Hux went on to provide specifics about what investors are looking for.

  • Energy efficiency has serious potential, but at the moment is not being fully utilized.
  • Hux believes the LED market has been challenged.
  • He also believes that the solar sector has been challenged on the manufacturing side.
  • Distributed solar is of some interest to investors largely because of the innovative financing opportunities.
  • Renewable fuels and chemicals has serious market potential.
  • On the JOBS Act: most companies that are going public will qualify.
  • Did you know? 40% of the renewables business has offtake requirements?

These are just a few of the points that Mr. Hux delivered to the NWEA membership. Are you interested in clean tech investing? NWEA holds monthly member meetings where promising investment opportunities are presented to our membership.