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Jun 23 2017

Wriggle room: Beta Hatch’s insect farm grows millions of mealworms

Virginia Emery, scientist and self-proclaimed insect entrepreneur, is rearing masses of mealworms that her company, Beta Hatch, now sells as feed for livestock and fish. It also produces fertilizer from their droppings. Emery says there’s…

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Jun 20 2017

Oscilla Power receives Washington Clean Energy Fund Grant

Department of Commerce News ReleaseDepartment of Commerce June 20, 2017 Commerce awards $2.3 million for clean energy research and development Impact Bioenergy, Janicki Bioenergy, Oscilla Power, SuperCritical Technologies and Zunum Aero selected for latest round…

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May 19 2017

Axiom Exergy Brings Its Refrigeration Batteries to Market in 3 Years

The rapid commercial and technical progress of Axiom Exergy’s “refrigeration batteries” flies in the face of investor bias against early-stage greentech and energy investing. Axiom Exergy’s co-founder Amrit Robbins started the firm in his garage…

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May 16 2017

Axiom Exergy Wins Gold Stevie Award in 2017 American Business Awards

Axiom Exergy Wins Gold Stevie Award in 2017 American Business Awards Stevie winners will be presented with their awards on June 20, 2017 in New York Richmond, Calif. (PRWEB) May 15, 2017 — In an…

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Apr 26 2017

Beta Hatch @ PCC

Beta Hatch is now selling its Frass Fertilizer at 11 PCC Natural Market locations just in time for spring. Customers can find large and small bags of frass for use on plants, indoorsand out. The…

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Apr 3 2017

Element 8 Advisory Board Weighs in on Clean tech’s Prospects

By Eric Berman, Co-Chair, Element 8 The November Element 8 member meeting featured a panel discussion with Element 8 advisory board members Ross Macfarlane, Kirk Washington, Kiki Tidwell and Ned Harvey. Susan Preston, board member…

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Mar 28 2017

Renewable Energy Amidst a New Administration

By Bill Lemon, Co-Chair, Element 8  As many of the Element 8 members know, I have a “day job” as Director of Renewable Energy Finance for StoneBridge Securities, a local boutique investment bank.  Ever since the…

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Mar 15 2017

Company 360: Q&A with Chris Preston, Element 8 Board Member

Element 8 Senior Fellow, Allison Arnold, interviews Chris Preston, Board Member, Element 8 and Axiom Exergy  What drove your initial interest in Axiom Exergy? There were two aspects that drove my initial interest in the company:…

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Mar 15 2017

Company 360: Q&A with Amrit Robbins, Axiom Exergy Co-Founder and CEO

Element 8 Senior Fellow, Allison Arnold, interviews Amrit Robbins, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Axiom Exergy   Tell us a little about Axiom Exergy and your business model? Axiom Exergy is essentially an industrial “internet of…

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Mar 10 2017

Element 8 2016 Investments – Record Year

2016 was a record year for Element 8: we invested $6.1 million in 27 clean-tech companies. While there was widespread concern about the future of the clean technology industry in late 2016, this announcement reflects…

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Oct 24 2016

Paris Milestone

September 2016 gave cleantech investors a reason to be optimistic: the U.S. and China simultaneously agreed to the Paris climate change agreement (COP21), followed closely by India and the EU. Ratification by those four parties,…

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Oct 11 2016

Enertech Search Partners Sponsor Feature: Assessing Human Capital Risk in Cleantech Start Ups

Guest feature from our sponsor Due diligence is the backbone of any investment decision. Scenarios pondered and red flags caught can mean the difference in making a multiple on your investment or taking a steep…

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Oct 11 2016

Company 360: Q&A With Marja Wallach, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies, Board Observer

  Q&A with Marja Wallach, Element 8 Investor and Board Observer, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies What drove your initial interest in AST? My husband, Bob and I had just started to act as angel investors. Our goal,…

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Oct 11 2016

Company 360: Q&A With Rusty Rodriguez, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies, CEO

Pictured: Team AST at a company retreat in 2016. Q&A with Dr. Russell Rodriguez, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies Tell us a little about AST and your business model? AST is a socially conscious company with a…

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Sep 22 2016

OregonBEST FEST 2016 – An Element 8 Field Trip

Are you brave enough to eat crickets?  What if they were folded into a VooDoo donut? These and other questions were answered as eleven Element 8 members ventured down on the train to OregonBEST’s 8th…

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Aug 23 2016

Capturing the Full Benefits of Demand Flexibility

Capturing the Full Benefits of Demand Flexibility – Original Article Demand flexibility—allowing household devices like HVAC systems and smart appliances to interact with the electric grid in response to real-time price changes—can save customers money…

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Apr 28 2016

COP21 – The Road Ahead for Sustainability

To read the full story by Eric Berman you can follow this link and see the official publication on   Last week’s signing of the Paris climate accord successfully returned international efforts on climate change to…

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Jan 19 2016

Element 8 Co-Chair, Eric Berman speaks with Xconomy

Element 8 co-chair Eric Berman spoke with Xconomy’s Jeff Engel about the resurgence of clean tech investment. Sections of that interview were used in the following article. Cleantech Evolves, Will Investors Follow? Jeff Engel,…

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Oct 20 2015

Element 8 Newsletter – Fall 2015

Oct 14 2015

Company 360:
Q&A With Matt Rose

Matt Rose Chief Executive Officer, Apana Tell us a little about Apana and your business model? Apana provides automated water management systems and services for the commercial and industrial built environment. Our end-to-end solution detects…

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