Columbia Power Technologies


Columbia Power is the worldwide leader in direct-drive wave energy systems. Their patented system is scalable and can be sized and deployed in a wide range of applications from powering oceanographic sensors to generating megawatt-scale electricity.

5PortfolioPic-ColumbiaPowerColumbia Power Technologies is commercializing a next-generation solution that will deliver the qualities that their customers need to develop profitable wave energy projects: survivability, a competitive cost of energy, and a low environmental and stakeholder impact. Customers will purchase and operate units in grid-connected, offshore farms for utility-scale electricity production.

Offshore wave energy farms offer one of the best, new opportunities for clean, abundant, environmentally benign, and reliable utility-scale energy generation. Its practical worldwide potential is projected to be between 2 and 4 trillion kilowatt hours per year. The World Energy Council estimates that about 10% of worldwide electricity demand could be met by harvesting ocean energy, and the US Department of Energy has reported that the U.S. available wave energy resource has the potential to power over 100 million homes each year.

Category: Renewable Energy
Based in: Corvallis, OR and Charlottesville, VA
Founded in: 2005


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May 25, 2017

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June 06, 2017

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