Empower Micro Systems


Empower Micro Systems offer superior power inversion technology. When used with solar panels it dramatically increases reliability, improves efficiency and lowers cost.  In the future, this technology could be applied to energy storage and electric vehicles.


Empower Micro Systems sells their transformational embedded power-inversion technology to manufacturers.




Their patent-pending Chip Scale Inversion™ topology, circuits, and algorithms enable customers to assemble inverter products to their own specifications, with outstanding reliability, efficiency, features, and margins, yet at market competitive prices.

Empower Micro offers a complete system solution, including semi-custom integrated circuits, production-ready reference designs and manufacturing test platform.

In the solar market, Empower’s electronics, enabled by a chipset, can be embedded into a solar module to create a high-performance “AC module.” Adding “smart” power inverters to DC modules is a mega trend heralded in the industry as the “new wave” in innovation; Empower is poised to answer that demand.

Category: Renewable Energy
Based in: Santa Clara, CA
Founded in: 2011
Website: http://www.empowermicro.com


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September 28, 2017

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