As consumers become more informed and more conscious in their consumption, entrepreneurs follow by creating companies to meet the needs of these “conscious” consumers. Over 10 weeks, Fledge provides the training, advice, and support to foster these new “conscious” idea-stage and early-stage entrepreneurs.









Fledge seeks companies serving the needs of “conscious” consumers – those who consider the impact of their purchase decisions on the environment, their health, social issues, community, sustainability, etc.

Few resources exist to help these early-stage entrepreneurs, and Fledge was formed to fill that gap.

In exchange for a small percentage of equity, plus a small percentage of future revenues, Fledge provides their “fledglings” with cash towards their start-up costs (currently $12,000 for each participant),along with an even more valuable intensive 10-week program of education, advice, and mentorship.

The culture of Fledge sets them apart from other accelerators and incubator. Based on the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, it stresses co-creation, servant leadership, and a network of support.

Fledge’s mission is aligned with that of their customers, to create businesses that ‘do good’ while growing revenues and ultimately earning profits. This creates highly satisfied customers, and long-term satisfaction for all stakeholders.

Category: Miscellaneous
Based in: Seattle, WA
Founded in: 2012
Website: http://fledge.co


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May 25, 2017

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June 06, 2017

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