Green Canopy Homes


With the motto “Transforming Homes, Inspiring Communities,” Green Canopy’s mission is to inspire resource efficiency in residential markets. By modeling energy efficiency, and sustainable build practices, they show communities how to re-design homes to suit modern living, while keeping the original charm and character intact.

Their homes reflect value, innovation, beauty, and efficiency. Green Canopy thinks long-term about their work’s impact on the environment, and seeks to create a community of urban dwellers who care about their neighborhood and their footprint within it.

5PortfolioPic-GreenCanopyGreen Canopy Homes’ program is fundamentally simple: buy fixer homes at low prices, rebuild efficient/green, and sell high. Prior to construction, a third party energy audit is conducted, establishing the energy performance base line. After completion, each project undergoes a final energy audit to determine the efficiency gains. By redeveloping neglected homes, GCH demonstrates the benefits of energy efficiency to buyers and sellers alike.

Education and outreach help further their mission. To increase awareness for green and energy efficiency, Green Canopy has developed a year-long Educational Series for Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Homebuyers and Homesellers.

Category: Efficient Buildings
Based in: Seattle, WA
Founded in: 2009


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September 28, 2017

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October 26, 2017

October Member Meeting
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