Propel, Inc.


Propel is building a new kind of fuel company, providing local and sustainable fuels for individual and fleet drivers of diesel or flex-fuel-ready vehicles.

Propel’s biodiesel and Flex Fuel E85 products displace imported oil, reduce a driver’s carbon footprint, and enhance the performance of their vehicle.

Their stations – currently found in California and Washington state – offer true alternatives to conventional petroleum, providing a selection of high-performance, premium-quality, renewable fuels at locations convenient to drivers.


Propel makes alternatives to conventional petroleum both convenient and cost-competitive.

They also recognize the growing complexity in fueling decisions – including ethanol, biodiesel, electric, hybrid, natural gas, and hydrogen – and dedicate themselves to bringing customers the most sustainable, best available products to meet their vehicle’s requirements.



Biodiesel is a direct replacement for petroleum diesel; it provides nearly identical performance, yet is price predictable, significantly less harmful to humans and the environment, and is produced from US renewable resources.

Category:Renewable Energy
Based in: Redwood City, CA
Founded in: 2004


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May 25, 2017

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June 06, 2017

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