RetroLux accelerates and simplifies the business of buying and selling high-efficiency commercial lighting systems. Retrolux is a web based marketplace network that reduces labor costs, improves accuracy, streamlines product purchases, and provides workflow management.

Commercial building lighting sales is a time intensive, outdated process that requires paper and pencil notes, numerous site visits to count lights, disaggregated product information and pricing, and multiple non-integrated software platforms to complete a lighting sale and installation; this results in excessive labor costs, extended sales cycles, & reduced profit & revenue.

Retrolux disrupts this process with a single cloud-based SAAS that includes mobile data entry, proprietary lighting selection algorithms & automatic energy and cost calculations, real time professional reports & invoices generation. This results in a measurable reduction of labor, increased profit margins, and increased revenue per employee.

Version 2 of their software was launched in September 2016. Now, Retrolux fully integrates audit, proposal, product selection, purchasing, utility rebates, analytics, and financing functions, into a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform.


Category: Renewable Energy
Based in: Boise, ID
Founded in: 2012


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May 25, 2017

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June 06, 2017

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