RYNO Motors


RYNO Motors has designed a breakthrough single wheel electric “personal mobility product”.

It is a highly maneuverable, self-balancing, street legal, one-wheeled motorcycle that allows for door to door urban transportation.

RYNO can be parked in an apartment, or simply remove the battery for convenient recharging. It is powerful enough take a 260 pound adult up a steep hill in San Francisco, yet has a small enough foot print to take it on a crowded train or building elevator. Its automatic balancing system will not let the rider fall.

It’s an eye-catching, fascinating product.  Yet RYNO will assure you that this is far more than a luxury plaything for the high-tech crowd; the world needs this type of personal transportation. The US may remain car-dominant for now, but around the globe electric scooters are a huge, and still growing, market.

Category: Transportation
Based in: Portland, OR
Founded in: 2007
Website: http://rynomotors.com/


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May 25, 2017

May Member Meeting
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June 06, 2017

Summer Showcase
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