Saltworks Technologies Inc.


Saltworks Technologies is a globally recognized water treatment solutions provider based in Vancouver, Canada. Their technologies focus on desalination of low to high salinity waters, advanced separations, industrial waste water treatment, brine treatment and concentration, and solids production.

5PortfolioPic-SaltworksSaltworks Technologies work with customers to solve complicated problems or reduce cost over conventional technologies. Saltworks provides a full range of services including feasibility and bench testing, pilot system design and engineering, and training. They deliver design packages, turn-key pilot systems, and core modular components for full-scale plants.

Saltworks has built plants for NASA, the Canadian Navy, an Australian energy company, and an Albertan oil & gas producer.

The company’s name comes from The SaltMaker, which treats oil & gas produced water, mine tailings, reverse osmosis reject, and other industrial waste water where conventional technologies may not be suitable to produce fresh water and solid salts.

Category: Water
Based in: Vancouver, BC
Founded in: 2008


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September 28, 2017

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October 26, 2017

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