Bill Lemon: Co-Chair


“This business can impact the entire planet.”  Bill Lemon, Co-Chair of Element 8 Angels has over 25 years in the energy industry starting with Pacific Gas and Electric where he was a key contributor to the financial evaluation of the full spectrum of electric generation technologies. His role expanded there to include the commercialization of advanced technologies from PG&E’s R&D labs, partnering with energy-related companies ranging in size from start-up to General Electric.

He was later recruited by ConneXt (now part of by Alliance Data Systems), a provider of information technology products for the energy sector, where as the Senior Product Manager he led their efforts to identify the key technical and business implications of deregulation on energy IT.

Most recently, as an investment banker with Stonebridge Securities, LLC, he leads fundraising efforts for a variety of Cleantech businesses from start-ups to large renewable energy developments and he has advised on over $1.6 billion in projects.

“I’ve always enjoyed answering the question “How will it end?” Having worked in the energy industry as an engineer and now in finance, I know that this business can be hard to change. But when it does change, the ending can impact the entire planet. I joined Element 8 to put my interest and experience to use in finding and investing in the next successful change agents. I joined the Board and Screening Committee to share that desire and background to help put the best opportunities in front of our membership for their consideration.”


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May 25, 2017

May Member Meeting
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June 06, 2017

Summer Showcase
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